Individual therapy is available for child and adolescent disorders, concentrating on autism/aspergers, ADHD, separation anxiety and attachment issues, antisocial personality disorder and more.

Play therapy helps younger individuals communicate to help prevent or resolve psychological issues. It is typically used with children ages 3 through 11, and benefits them with better learning to cope with unresolved or current issues. Some approaches are art creation, therapy-specific board games, as well as many other play activities.

Group therapy is used when the child or parent needs extra support. Monthly support groups are held for parents, as well as weekly groups for the children. The children's groups are organized by age group, personality, and the issues that child is having. Children's group activities include social skill building, emotion regulation skill building, and more.

school support

Fair Winds Way visits many local schools to provide therapy and assistance to children during school hours.

psychological evaluations

Psychological evaluations are available to diagnose autism/asperger’s, ADHD, and more. For autism testing, the child will be given the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2nd edition), which is considered the best test to determine if one is on the autism spectrum. You and your child’s teacher will also complete an autism rating scale and a complete developmental history will be obtained and reviewed. Your child’s behaviors and interactions will also be observed in the classroom and on the playground. Once completed, you will meet with the examiners who will review the results of your child’s testing with you and provide you with a written report that details the testing results and provides a set of recommendations specifically for your child. Fair Winds Way also works in conjunction with Word of Mouth Clinical Associates in Brentwood, TN.

public speaking

Will Shonts is available to educate about effective methods used with children who have social and behavioral challenges. He has had previous speaking engagements, as well as multiple appearances on the TV program “Joy In Our Town" on TBN. Ideal for schools, organizations, churches and television. Please contact Fair Winds Way to schedule. Local events are free of charge for up to one hour; for long distance, travel rates may apply.